The Shadow Theatre is a powerful tool of attraction, stimulation, and creative training, which supports the development of collective imagination.
Children Training

The workshop has as main objective to approach the shadow theatre to children, encouraging the development of manual skills as well as the body language and artistic expression of the participants.

There are some other objectives which are addressed in a more specific way, such as:

– To experiment and play with the different elements which take part of the shadow theatre: light, screen, objects, bodies, colours, shapes…

– To encourage the team work, learning how to share ideas and how to generate a new ones from those ones, working as a group.

Adult Training

The workshops have as aim to provide the participants with basic tools to construct a shadow theatre based on a story, using an overhead projector.

Some of the objectives addressed more specifically within the workshop are:

– To get basic notions of the shadow theatre.

– To construct silhouettes-puppets. – To create a scenography in shadow.

– To put on a small scenography and its staging.

Contact us in order to know about the workshops that we can give to the future shadow puppeteers. We offer several formats depending on different necessities.

These are some of the works of our pupils.


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