On the tight-rope-walker

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On is a marionette with his shadow whose will take you to discover resounding landscapes. and unexpected trials and
tribulations. You will travel deep inside of him and
accompany him as he searches for his equilibrium.

On, the tight-rope walker is an analogicaly hand-crafted Shadow Theatre play wiich uses projected images and live music as its narrative voice.
Its peculiarity lies in that theassembly of each scene that comproses the play may be watched as it takes place, during the show.

Hand-made scenery,material that may be used only once during each performance and melodies peon an accordion, a piano and  a metallophone all acompany On throught the play.

Length, languages and age:
4o minutes, without words. Recomended +4 years

Artistic sheet:
Authors and direction:
Patricia Toral y Chantal Franco

Construction and manipulation of puppets:
Patricia Toral y Chantal Franco

Musical composition:
Verónica R.Galán

Patricia Toral, Chantal Franco y Verónica R. Galán

Scenography, lighting and customs:
Luz, micro y punto

Luz, micro y punto

Patricia: 627096058 | Chantal 677453676